Chicken Pox

Chicken pox is an acute contagious disease of childhood. [HHH p.49]


Chicken pox is marked by a slight fever, characterized by a superficial eruption of macular transparent vesicles appearing in successive crops on different parts of the body. They rarely become pustular, but dry up, and are only occasionally followed by scars. The duration of the disease is about a week, during which time it usually runs a very mild course. The chicken pox virus propagates in a medium of excess mucus. In the absence of such medium (mucus from excessive starches and sugars, etc.), the virus cannot exist. [HHH p.49]


Actually as long as the child has been exposed, the condition is there. A good break-out of chicken pox (as with most childhood diseases) is a blessing. This is the indication that the body has toxic materials in it that must be removed. [HHH p.49]

Herbal Aids:

Tansy: Use the infusion or decoction as a wash, etc. [SNH p.123] Infusion of tansy: See formula using tansy and distilled water. [SNH p.124]

Natural Cleansing of the Body: It is alarming to hear a mother say, "When my child was breaking out with chicken pox (measles, or some other childhood disease), he was given some suppressive medication, and only two or three small spots broke out on his body." Here, unknowingly, the parents have gone against nature's procedure for cleaning out the toxins of the body. They have locked in the harmful condition, which may give the body trouble, perhaps many years later. [HHH p.21]

General Instructions: Give the child a warm catnip tea enema. Herbal teas such as catnip and peppermint, pleurisy root and catnip, red raspberry leaf, and yarrow or pennyroyal, elder flowers and peppermint with vinegar and water will relieve the itching. Also, bathe or sponge skin with tea made of burdock root, golden seal and yellow dock root in case of severe itching. [HHH p.50]

More General Instructions: The proper program is to cleanse the body and to follow the program of moist heat and bring out a good showing of the pox. Use the following instruction for all types of high fever diseases. (See aids to fevers and their causes, Appendix D.) [HHH p.170] If the child is slow in breaking out, give him a good hot (warm) bath. Have him drink lots of liquids throughout the day--fruit and vegetable juices, lemonade sweetened with honey (no sugars), and fruits. If this program is followed, the disease should follow a mild course with little discomfort. [HHH p.50]

Skin Eruptions: When rashes and pus eruptions of disease break out on the body, do not stop them. This is poison in the body that should be released. Keeping the skin from breaking out is again defeating nature's efforts for a complete healing and housecleaning. The larger the breakout of rashes (chicken pox, measles, etc.) the better off the child! If the body is in a fairly clean condition and you follow these suggestions of natural therapy you may see that the rash is not as heavy as you might expect--because there was not that amount of toxic waste to eliminate. In other cases the body can be well covered with the dermal or dermatitis breakout. There is nothing to fear as long as you are willing to work with nature. [There is much more information about skin eruptions in the appendix on p. 174.] [HHH p.174]

Yarrow: If you give the tea to children during the early stages of eruptive diseases, such as measles, chicken pox, smallpox, etc., the tea will help the disease to break out more quickly and thus shorten the time. Dr. Christopher recommended a mixture of Yarrow, pleurisy root and lady's slipper (or skullcap) for the measles. Anytime there is a fever, no matter what the disease, Yarrow can help break it and bring the disease to a speedier ending. [UW-Yarrow]

Vinegar: A child suffering from the itch of chicken pox or measles can be sponged with a solution of 1/2 apple cider vinegar and 1/2 distilled water. [NL 4-7]

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