These are wounds to the skin common in childhood...a bruise results from forceful pressure against some object, where the skin is not broken so the blood rushes to the damaged tissue beneath the surface. [HHH p.61]

Herbal Aids:

Plantain: Bleeding of minor wounds; cuts, scratches, bruises, etc. Apply a poultice of the fresh, bruised or mashed leaves; drink the tea internally. [SNH p.53]

Chaparral: Bruises, cuts, minor wounds. Use the infusion as a wash. [SNH p.71]

Tansy: Sprains, bruises, inflammations, rheumatism, sciatica, etc. Bruise and apply the green leaves, or use the herb preparation as a fomentation, wash, etc. [SNH p.124]

See formula using camomile and poppy flowers. [SNH p.219]

Hyssop: Rheumatism, bruises, contusions. Apply a fomentation of the infusion from the leaves externally, and keep warm with moist heat. [SNH p.232]

Bruises, Foul Ulcers, Black Eye, Facial Burns, Skin Problems, Leprosy, etc.: Make an apple cider vinegar tincture with the freshly bruised herbs apply as a fomentation outwardly and drink internally. [SNH p.284]

Comfrey: Inflammation, bruises, sprains, swellings, suppuration of boils. Apply a fomentation made from the comfrey root or leaves. [SNH p.310]

Mullein: Neuralgia, sore throat, pleurisy, pneumonia, bruises, sores, wounds, lacerations, swollen joints, torn ligaments, purulent ophthalmic, appendicitis inflammation, skin diseases. Rub mullein oil in well, or apply on saturated cotton and cover. [SNH p.317]

See formula using marshmallow and camomile for sprains, and bruises (fomentation). [SNH p.331]

See formula for poultice using slippery elm, wild indigo and myrrh. [SNH p.337]

See formula for a liniment for wounds using cayenne, golden seal and myrrh. [SNH p.411]

See formula for liniment for sprains, bruises, rheumatism and neuralgia using cayenne, lobelia, oil of wormwood, oil of rosemary and oil of spearmint. [SNH p.411]

Gentian: liniment for parasitic affections, infected wounds, vermin, sprains, bruises, burns, inflamed joints, etc. Dip linen or other appropriate material into a strong decoction or diluted tincture; squeeze until the material does not drip; apply to affected area (hot or cold); cover with plastic (or wax paper, etc.), and bandage on. [SNH p.463]

Wheat Grass Chlorophyll: Skin--Burns, skin abrasions, bruises, wounds. The wheat grass chlorophyll has both healing and antiseptic characteristics. The chlorophyll is applied either directly onto the afflicted surface, or, it is soaked in a cloth and bandaged to the area. At the same time, the chlorophyll should be taken internally. [SNH p.545]

Comfrey: Fresh or dried comfrey can be applied directly over the damaged area--just keep adding additional amounts as needed. Cover with gauze, bandage lightly to hold comfrey in place and so the area can breathe. Comfrey paste can also be applied directly over the damaged area as with burns.

A wound, external or internal, will stop bleeding if the individual will drink a cup of water (preferably hot) with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (red pepper) stirred into it. The bleeding will stop generally by the time a person can count up to ten after drinking the cayenne tea. The cayenne equalizes the blood pressure from the top of the head to the feet. This keeps the pressure from the hemorrhage area so it will clot naturally, which it cannot do with heavy blood pressure pumping the blood rapidly at the hemorrhage area. The leaves, moistened chewing tobacco, shave grass, shepherds's purse, wild alum root, yellow loosestrife will all aid in stopping bleeding and assist in healing, but comfrey is one of our favorites and should be in everybody's yard or in a flower pot in the apartment or house, or keep a good supply of the powdered leaf and root on hand. Bruises respond equally well to a pack of fresh, crushed comfrey, or the powdered leaves or roots made into a paste with water. [HHH p.62]

Rash Ointment: Dr. Christopher's Healing Ointment:  Made of comfrey, marshmallow, marigold, bee's wax, and oils, this is an antiseptic used historically on lesions, eczema (dry), poison ivy, inflamed surfaces, abrasions, burns, hemorrhoids, for bruises and swellings. Good to have on hand at all times. [HHH p.196]

Dr. Christopher's Comfrey Paste: One of the best aids for sprains and muscle soreness, cuts and bruises is comfrey paste. Apply this one half inch thick or more over the malfunctioning area and keep in a loose bandage, adding paste as is needed until relief occurs. Since this paste will keep for months at room temperature, it can also be used while traveling (keep a metal or glass container for emergencies). [NL 3-1]

Cayenne Paste: This ointment can help bring temporary relief to internal pains of arthritis, stiff neck, muscle soreness, sprains, bruises and other aches. It can be applied to the chest during respiratory ailments to ease pain and help breathing. The heat generated by the capsicum increases circulation to the area and facilitates healing. [NL 4-5]

Cervil: good for a poultice for bruises. [NL 4-12]

Dr. Christopher's Program for Bruises/Sprains/Tendonitis

Herbal Combinations:

* Complete Tissue & Bone
* Complete Tissue & Bone Ointment
* Herbal Calcium Formula
* Deep Heating Balm


Complete Tissue & Bone; take 2 capsules three times a day.

Complete Tissue & Bone Fomentation; apply the fomentation to the effected area.

Complete Tissue & Bone Salve; apply salve to the effected area generously (use during the day instead of a fomentation).

Herbal Calcium; take 2-3 capsules between meals.

Herbal Calcium extract; take 15 drops between meals.

Deep Heating Balm; rub in affected area as much as needed.

Single Herbs:

Comfrey Root or Leaf, Dandelion Root, Alfalfa Leaves, Kelp, Cayenne, Horsetail Grass.


Take Vitalerbs, eat carrots, apricots, spinach, drink rose hip tea. Avoid protein and starches.

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