Bad Breath

Smelly breath also referred to as halitosis.


In speaking of constipation and the need for three bowel movements a day: The wiser way is to work on the cause by unplugging and cleaning out the sewer line so there will be no more backing up of sewage. Within the human body, we find a sewage line that is backed up (constipation) and the horrible odor of halitosis comes out the front door (the mouth) as it is opened. If someone said, "Your breath is horrible," the average person works on the effect, and in order to cover up the bad breath, pops in a mint or runs for the mouth wash. If someone said--"Whew-you need a bath, the smell from your body is awful," you work on the effect again and use underarm deodorant, perfumes, colognes, etc., and never think of cleaning up the cause, and thus having a permanently sweet smelling body and breath. [HHH p.128]

Herbal Aids:

Bad Breath, Indigestion, or Poor Digestion: Carry cloves in pocket and chew on them, but go into the cause to get rid of the bad breath. [SNH p.421]

Myrrh: Take a little myrrh internally. [SNH p.455]

See formula for bad breath using myrrh and golden seal. [SNH p.456]

Cleansing the Bowel: When a person suffers from halitosis or bad breath, this is simply nature's way of saying, "You have a toxic bowel condition [HHH p.132] See Cleansing the bowel. [HHH p.128]

Parsley: The whole herb is effective against bad breath and people who take garlic often take Parsley to avoid offending. [UW-Parsley]

Spearmint: It would serve as a gargle for bad breath and sore gums and mouth. [UW-Spearmint]

Cloves: These are sometimes chewed to temporarily treat bad breath, although their carminative and digestive properties may help to get to the cause. [NL 6-6]

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