A disease in which there are well defined bald spots on the head and other hairy parts of the body.

Herbal Aids:

Bayberry: Use a strong decoction of bayberry and rub in well at night; wash off in the morning, brush the hair thoroughly and apply again (using a few drops of lavender oil with the solution that is rubbed in gives a more effective synergistic action). This will quickly help stop falling hair and remove dandruff. [SNH p.132]

Juniper: Used externally, a tincture of the branches is used as a rub for some skin conditions and to combat alopecia. [UW-Juniper]

Echinacea: Cases of goiter, impetigo contagiosa, local infection, urethral infection, diabetic ulcers, alopecia (baldness), and so on, are reported to have been effectively treated with Echinacea. [NL 6-12]

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